The "Saving Grapes" faerie portal, and its Faerie's Tale about Faerie Jewyl, who works with her cats to save a French vineyard from Jack Frost.


A Faerie's Tale

By Ann Narcisian videan

Jewyl shivered in the crisp evening breeze wafting in through her open door. Nestled in the shadows, her wine-barrel home—so perfect for a faerie—nestled against one of the Château de Nitray’s round towers. She sipped a Red Cabernet from her little glass and nibbled a corner of a flaky croissant, freshly baked in the winery’s kitchens. She closed the cover of her faerie-sized Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

From her vantage point, the sunset highlighted the vineyards’ promising bud break. Given the right conditions, in a few short months, those little green leaves would produce millions of grapes. She sniffed an earthy breath, reveling in the springtime scents.

Le Macon, lounging just outside her door, jerked up his furry head and sniffed the air. His ears perked forward and his eyes followed something that flitted and bounced on a magical wind, rapidly heading their way.

Jewyl stretched her gossamer wings and flitted outside for a better view, knocking over her wine glass in her hurry.

“Oh no!” She whipped her head toward the long-haired gray cat.

He simply narrowed his eyes at an approaching sprite, whose crystalline coat glittered in the fading light, almost as brightly as his mischievous smile.

The newcomer pulled up and hovered high in front of Jewyl with a nervous glance at the cat. “Fair warning, my wine-loving faerie friend. I bring a chill to your beloved chateau tonight.”

Jewyl leaned forward with her hands on her hips. “Jack Frost, why would you do that? You know if you freeze the buds this early in the season, the vineyard will lose its crop.”

Jack threw back his head and laughed out a loud tinkling sound like ice in a water glass. “Exactly! But the vintners will work to save it. There’s no better entertainment than watching humans run around, lighting fire drums, and getting grimy with soot. I love it when they start looking like crows.”

“That is not funny, Jack. You’ll ruin the vineyard.”

“Jewyl, it’s just wine.”

Her eyes popped open wide. “Just wine? It’s just one of the world’s delicacies, that’s all.”

“So what?”

With no warning, the cat jumped to the top of Jewyl’s wine barrel and the sprite darted backward with a gasp. The puff of air caused by his movement caused the faerie to blink hard and rebalance inflight. Le Macon made a leap toward the chilly visitor, but Jack blasted a gust of wind under himself and swooped away out over the grapevine rows. Only his tinkling giggle lingered.

The cat landed empty-pawed on the ground, and turned to his little friend as she alighted next to him.

“We’ve got to do something, Le Macon!” Her gaze swiveled to the sun just disappearing from the horizon. “The temperature is already dropping. He can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.”

With an agitated flick of his tail, the feline nodded once. “I will gather my clan and the humans.” He sprang away, running full out, but with the graceful gait only a cat can manage.

I solemnly swear Jack is up to no good. With that random thought, Jewyl forced herself to concentrate. After a long moment, a brilliant idea illumined her mind.

Unaccustomed urgency made her wings vibrate loudly as she buzzed over the property toward the Le Cher River. As she flew, she glanced across the fields.

Jack glided over a far row of grapevines, gusting chilled air down upon the plants. Behind him bounded three cats, one gray and two black. Just beyond them, a handful of vintners raced out of the complex’s buildings carrying fire-lit torches into the twilight. They ran up the nearest rows to light fire drums strategically placed between the plants.

A tiny flame of hope lit in Jewyl’s chest as the first few flames leapt to flickering yellow life. She raced on. 


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The "Finding Friends" faerie portal in the wild, and it's accompanying Faerie's Tale about Faerie Jhoan who helps baby dragon find his friend... a teacup pig.

Finding friends

A Faerie's Tale

By Ann Narcisian Videan


Jhoan heard the splashing just outside her tiny door.

Could that be a visitor?

She ran to the portal, flung open the roundish wooden door and, careful not to brush her gossamer wings against the doorframe, flew out into the dusky late afternoon sunlight. She very nearly missed a long willowy branch drooping from the redwood towering above her. She flittered around it and hovered above the turquoise-lined rock outcropping that served as her porch. Shading her eyes with one hand and gazing out over the bank to the waters of Stone Lagoon, she barely caught sight of a mischievous grin framed within a tangle of seaweed-green hair before the water creature dove. Glittering burgundy light reflected off the opalescent fluted tail and it disappeared underwater with a flick and a splash. In a blink, only a spray of water droplets settling back into the surface remained to ripple the water. Was that a wicked laugh lingering on the air?

Gh’reef, again! What is that pesky mermaid up to now?

A nearby hiss drew Jhoan’s gaze, and she swiveled her head as she fluttered down to the stone porch. The sputter of smoke came from a baby dragon, head drooping into one of the season’s last spray of trillium and bleeding heart flowers dotting the autumn forest floor.

“Whisp! What are you...” She noticed the tears dripping from the small Blue dragon’s eyes. “My friend, what’s wrong?”

As the Blue lifted his scaly head, smoke eeked from the sides of its neck. Jhoan thought she might have seen a spark of flame coming from the gills, too.

His sad eyes stared as a lone tear trickled down his nose, sizzling and steaming into nothingness.

“It’s my friend Minuet... he’s missing.” The dragon’s normally high-pitched voice rose to a raspy squeak.

Jhoan skittered over to her scaly friend, and fluttered back and forth in front of his face. “Oh no, not your little tea cup pig! When did you last see your friend?”

The Blue snuffled and looked out over the lake. “Gh’reef was tempting him with her siren song last night.”

Jhoan narrowed her eyes and balled her fists against her hips. “That troublemaker! She just now popped up to tease me... or, more likely, you.” She looked out over the lagoon. “She always causes mischief on Halloween night.”

The dragon sighed a long smoky breath. “She had glamoured herself into a farmer holding out a basket of fruit to tempt him. But, she was singing, out there in the water, why didn’t Minuet know it was her? He should have known better.”

“No doubt, the siren song confused him. Plus, he’s a wee bit young to overcome a siren spell.”

“I couldn’t resist it either. My wings just wouldn’t react when he trotted out onto your porch and dove into the water. Can you help me get him back, Ms. Joplyn?”

“Whisp, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, please call me Jhoan. We’re friends!”

The dragon dropped his gaze to the ground. “I forgot... Jhoan. Can you help me? I’m scared for my friend. Gh’reef isn’t always very nice.”

“No she’s not, but I’m pretty sure she just wants some attention from the land creatures. I think she gets bored and lonely out there in the lagoon. Maybe we can find a way to nudge her into sending Minuet back to you.”

“How?” The dragon’s green eyes opened wide and sparkled with curiosity.

“Come with me. I have an idea.”


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