CUSTOM Portals & Tales

Please enjoy these images of our magical creations custom crafted for happy customers.


Auntie's visitors

The owner of this custom piece loves animals, lives in the woods, and encourages children to leave letters for the faeries in her trees. The Faerie's Tale is a get-well story about forest friends who show up to help a healing faerie.


Finding friends

The owner of this custom piece loves tea-cup pigs, dragons, bleeding heart flowers, and works for a lake-based ferry boat company. Its accompanying Faerie's Tale -- "Finding Friends" -- relates how a feisty mermaid steals a tea-cup pig on Halloween, and its faerie and dragon friends find a way to bring the little pig home, and make friends with the mermaid as well.


Saving grapes

The owner of this custom piece loves wine, cats, ASU, and Paris. Its accompanying Faerie's Tale -- "Saving Grapes" -- relates an adventure with faeries and cats who work together to save a French vineyard when Jack Frost visits.√.jpg

CFP-005 Joker.iwo.4.jpg

casting cats

This custom portal is comfortably at home with people who love the movies, cats and cupcakes. The accompanying Faerie's Tale
--  "Casting Cats" -- was creatively written to feature all the customer's favorite things. As the story goes, when famous husband and wife Fae movie directors plan to cast their next feline production, two actor cats vie for the lead role. But, will the director succeed in casting fairly when one actor showers the directors with gifts, and another tries to put the moves on the lady director?


Sunflower fields forever

The owner of this custom portal loves Mexican art, Thailand, pigs, and sunflowers. In the accompanying Faerie's Tale -- "Sunflower Fields Forever" -- a piglet comes to life amongst Faerie Onyx's Mexican art. She travels to the Thai Sunflower Fields to return him home, but will she succeed when the pig becomes a celebrity among the tourists, and is hexed by the local garden gnome?



The owner of this custom portal is an avid fan of football, the Arizona State University Sun Devils, quarterback Danny White, and Coke with a touch of rum. In our accompanying Faerie's Tale -- "The Faerie Godbrother" -- Faerie Glen attends an ASU Sun Devils tailgate party in 1973 and plans to sneak into the locker room to meet White. But, will Glen succeed when his faerie godmother loses herself in a bottle of rum and cannot help him achieve his goal?