Are you a young writer, artist, or creative?

Enter your creative work to earn a publishing credit and a chance to win a $100 prize. This is a call for young writers and creatives (ages 15-ish to 25-ish)—and invited professionals—to submit content for potential inclusion in The Storytelling Book of the Ancient Traveler.  James Artimus Owen—author/illustrator of the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica—contributed his brilliant work to jump-start the book with his opening pages. For this, we owe him a HUGE thank you.

If selected for the one-of-a-kind, hand-bound, leather volume, your creative work will be published alongside entries from other young creatives and professionals. Simply select one of the items on the Ancient Traveler's List of Objects below, write a short story or create an illustration following our guidelines, and submit it by email. There is no cost to submit your work.

This “synergy arts” project concept is the brainchild of Joanne de Biasi, and will be brought to fruition through Absolutely Wild!, as it completely fits our mission. We will auction the completed book to support creative endeavors of young creatives, like you. Plus, we will draw one name, from among the 84 entrants who submit creative works, for one $100 prize.

We're interested in customizing our support to the needs of young creatives, so share with us what might help you succeed. Or, if you're a professional, please share what most helped you evolve to where you are now.


Here's how this will go down:

1.     Choose an item from the provided “List of Objects” discovered by the Ancient Traveler. [Though checked items have been chosen by another creative, you may also choose that object.]

2.    Complete a form to register your entry, providing your choice of object, type of submission, and contact information.

3.    Following our Submission Guidelines, submit electronic files of your creative work to

3.    Absolutely Wild! will compile selected works into the original bound collection to be auctioned.

4.    Selected submissions will receive publishing credit.

5.    A paperback edition of the book may also be published through Amazon.

6.   Absolutely Wild! will use proceeds to support young creatives in unique and beneficial ways, including at least one $100 prize from among those who submit creative work to The Storytelling Book of the Ancient Traveler.

Leather cover and hand-stitched volume, created by Joanne de Biasi, the mastermind behind this project.

Leather cover and hand-stitched volume, created by Joanne de Biasi, the mastermind behind this project.

List of Objects

Pick one object for your story or art topic. We'd love to see a story and an image for each item. Objects in bold are James Owen's ideas (pictured above right).

Code for already-selected objects:
√w = writing
√a = artwork

1.          A marble [√a]
2.         Three frogs
3.         An emperor
4.         Underwear

5.         Noble dogs
6.         A comet

7.         Evil cats

8.         A doll
9.         Zombie lawyers

10.       Willow Trees

11.        Kilt-check awards

12.        A piece of chalk

13.        A kite

14.        Demigods
15.        A watch
16.        The cursing curse

17.        Oatmeal

18.        A book
19.        Flying pigs
20.        A kettle

21.         A dragon of unusual size
22.         Train tracks
23.         Amethyst eyes [√w]
24.         Royal children
25.         Stone
26.         A faerie portal [√a,w]
27.         Mythical creature
28.         Wood
29.         A friend
30.        A dolphin
31.         Blonde hair [√a]
32.         Volcano
33.         Presents
34.         Pizza
35.         A typewriter
36.         Wand
37.         A bag of jewels [√w]
38.         A stringed instrument
39.         Hearts
40.         Falling water
41.         A heart
42.         Other (only a few pages available)

James A. Owen's enticing title page.

James A. Owen's enticing title page.

Submission Guidelines

To give you some scope, the page size in the one-of-a-kind, hand-bound, leather volume of The Storytelling Book of the Ancient Traveler is 13" x 13.75." Your entry will be laid out with text and image, and printed on acid-free 12" x 12" paper, which we'll secure in the book.

The stories and images should be about one of the objects from the provided List of Objects. Others may choose the same object... we're not necessarily trying to secure one of each, as we want every contributor to be inspired. However, we will admit only one writing entry and/or one art entry per person. So, you may submit either writing or art, or one set of each.  Sorry creators, but to give more people a chance to be in the book, we cannot accept two writing entries, or two art entries from the same person.

To enter, you must be approximately within the age range of 15 to 25 years, unless you are one of our professionals.

All submissions must be in electronic format, using the parameters described below. We request you send submissions to be received by Absolutely Wild! by midnight on the first day of each month until the book is filled


MS Word document formatted in single-spaced,
Times New Roman, 12-pt. font

Length options:
•           1/2 page: up to 750 words
•           3/4 page: up to 900 words
•           Full page: up to 1,200-words


JPG format, with color set to CMYK.

Size options:
•           5”W x up to a 12”H (to fit column), or
•           6”W x up to a 8”H (to wrap text around), or
•           12” x 12” (no bleed), or
•           12.25” x 12.25” (bleed, if desired)



1.  Fill out this form to register your entry.

2.  Email your story and/or art in a separate email to Please reference your first and last name, email, and phone number when submitting your entry so we can match it to your registration.

Date *
Name *
Phone *
Your category *
Please tell us whether you consider yourself an emerging young creative, or an established professional (consistently paid for creative work).
Choose type of submission *
Disclaimer *
I understand my original work(s) submitted for this synergy arts project, if selected, will be published in a compiled book, called "The Storytelling Book of the Ancient Traveler." I also understand the work(s) may be reproduced in other formats for publishing and marketing purposes by Absolutely Wild! (AW), who will credit me along with the work(s) whenever possible. I waive my rights to use the work(s) for any other purpose not associated with this project, unless I attribute the piece in other all media where it appears. Suggested verbiage: “Also appears in The Storytelling Book of the Ancient Traveler to benefit emerging creatives.” At minimum, sourcing the Web site is required with use. [The button below must be checked for us to consider your submission for publication.]
$100 Scholarship Giveaway
I agree to allow AW to enter my name into a giveaway drawing for one $100 scholarship from among the 84 entrants who submit creative work. The drawing will be done once AW receives 84 art and/or writing entries.